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Celebrate Love At These Serene Places To Visit On Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and all the couples have decided on their activities. But have you? If not, we are here to sort your plans! This Valentine’s Day, take your soul-mate to these beautiful destinations spread across India and indulge in the purest form of love!

1. Take an oath of love at Taj Mahal, Agra

Taj Mahal- the 7th wonder of the world can never lose its charm! In the evening, as the sun sets, take the vows of love once again with a sight of this magnificent monument, Taj Mahal! Located in Agra and renowned worldwide, click beautiful pictures of you two here and create memories of a lifetime!

2. Charming sunset boat ride at the Udaipur Lake

As the sun slowly sets into the shimmering waters and you pass across the historical monuments and the colours of the mountains dotted along the shore of the lake, you tend to feel the shivers along the spine! There is no place for words to fit in, just hold the hands of the person you love and live in the moment here at Udaipur Lake! It is bound to give you a romantic and pleasurable experience!

3. Find love among temple hunting at Khajuraho

The sculptures of the Khajuraho temples are speaking silently of love since ages. This would be something very special to do on this Valentine’s. Go temple hunting—let the elaborate sculptures which are carved on the temples do the talking and the rest will be pure magic! Kandariya Mahadev Temple, Vishwanath Temple and Lakshmana Temple are the most famous temples here.

4. Meditating with your loved one at Auroville

To some people, love is a spiritual experience! Auroville is such a place where one can truly experience the same! Let the spirit of spiritual love and gentle sun soak into you and the whispering of the winds chant the mantra of love as you find love in meditating with your soulmate here at Auroville! This activity can prove to intertwine your souls and make this Valentine’s Day the best for you two!

5. Find the adventure of love at the root bridge of Meghalaya

Meghalaya’s most famous natural root bridge is popularly known as the double decker bridge. It was built in 1884 and is a natural alternative which was thought of by the locals as an alternative to wooden plank bridge. If you believe that love is the ultimate adventure, you shouldn’t miss taking a trip to this place! Take a serene walk on the bridge formed by natural roots over centuries while holding hands with your lover. Perfect for spending a romantic evening, this place is a must visit on Valentine’s!

6. Boat ride in the serene waters of the Naini Lake

There is something very peaceful in the waters of the Naini Lake. Especially night time boat rides in the lakes of Naini can be incredibly tempting. Imagine the canvas of the clear sky and the mirror-like waters of Naini Lake stand as you ride on a boat in the middle of the lake! It is an experience worth remembering and an evening well spent in the arms of your lover!

7. Enjoy playtime with snow at Rohtang Pass

Want to recreate the magic of the romantic songs in Bollywood films featuring oodles of snow? Rohtang Pass in Manali is the place to visit! Snuggle with a cup of coffee at the balcony of the hotel or play with white snow here at Rohtang Pass. With abundant possibilities of creating numerous memories and cherishing life, this is one of the most popular places for couples. Rohtang Pass is eagerly waiting for you with snow in its lap this Valentine’s Day!

8. Enjoy sunset at Chapora Fort, Goa

Boasting of 31 beaches, Goa is the most talked about Valentine spot in India. Many of the hotels can arrange for a candlelit dinner under a shammock while being serenaded by musicians or you can go to the more secluded Chapora Fort, adore the beauty of it, hold the hands of your lover and witness the divine elegance of the sunset!

These were the most popular places for you to visit this Valentine’s Day. Besides these, you can opt for a night stay at the backwaters of Kerala, spend the evening among the scintillating hills of Ooty or visit the paradise on earth, J&K, with your beloved! India has produced amazing couples which have made their presence felt in the pages of history. Are you such a lover? Send us your story and prove it!


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